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Team Blaze Basketball

Team Blaze Program Co-Founder & Director
Derrick "DC" Cross is a former Stand-Out Point Guard for Miami of OH.  He is a notable Amateur Youth Basketball Program Director, Coach & Trainer.  As a program director he prioritizes student-athlete relations that encompass assessment & evaluation for prospective collegiate exposure & placement.  DC’s coaching style aims at individual player growth & development with a preeminence of team goals.  With intense & interactive training instruction he emphasizes fundamentals & skills, player specialization, & the development of a high game IQ.  DC boost motivation during punishing yet rewarding workouts with his "FUNDAMENTALS are key to your success as an individual & team basketball player" motto.

Professional Highlights:

+25 years experience in playing, coaching, & training 

ABC, LLC General Manager - Basketball Consultant 2013

Head Trainer - DC's Ultimate One on One, 2004

Team Blaze Basketball Program Director, 2007

Pro Basketball Personal Trainer (Jared Jeffries, NY Knicks)

Pro Basketball Personal Trainer (Djibril Kante, Argentina LNB)

B.S. Sport Manag. and Health Appraisal, Minor: Coaching
Amateur & Professional Player Highlights:
Pro Basketball Career EBL, IBL & USA DL(1995-1999)  

IBL Ranked 6th in FT% - 89%

Mid-American Conference Champs, 1992, 1993 & 1995

Team Most Valuable Player, 1993-94 & 1994-95

Second Team All-Conference, 1993-94 & 1994-95

Best Defensive Player, 1992-93, 1993-94 & 1994-95

Team Assist Leader, 1992-93, 1993-94 & 1994-95

Outstanding Freshmen Award, 1991-1992



 Some of the most memorable comments about DC

Coach Tom McKinney was a 25-year head coach, with a record of 415-168.  The last 17 of those head-coaching years were at Bloomington North HS where he coached Derrick from 1988-91.  He described Derrick Cross as the Best (Pound for Pound) Player He Ever Coached.

Coach Herb Sendek, Current Head Coach Arizona St. and former Miami of Ohio Head Coach had great things to say about Derrick.  Before playing against the University of Arizona's consensus All-America point guard Damon Stoudamire in the 1995 NCAA tournament, Sendek said that Miami of Ohio guard Derrick Cross "is the best on-ball defender I've ever been around."  Result: Stoudamire shot 6 for 18 from the field in that Arizona loss against Miami.

Cross a Jr. from Bloomington, Indiana, scored a career high of 32 points, including 4 treys and 14-for-14 free throws, while playing all except but 10 seconds of MU's 99-93 double overtime win at Dayton.  "It was reminiscent of Phil Ford at North Carolina, Sendek said.  With Ford at the free throw line and the game on the line, it was over."

Sendek's after game comments after a win at Ohio University.  MU Jr. point guard, Derrick Cross, playing with a deep thigh bruise, mustard 15 points.  "Without Derrick we wouldn't know where to start," Sendek said.  "He has a heart as big as this building."

Sendek discusses a phenomenal win over Eastern Michigan University. Cross chipped in with 19 points, including 5 treys and held All-MAC guard Ellery Morgan scoreless. "Derrick's heart is bigger than Millett Hall (Miami OH University Stadium).  He plays way to many minutes and because of some of the alternatives he is forced into the iron man roll, you can't overlook the job on the defense end, he gave Morgan a doughnut; remarkable."

Coach Joby Wright, Former Head Coach Miami of Ohio, described Derrick as an outstanding Basketball player, "he is probably the quickest player with a basketball in this part of the country.  We played against Kentucky, Ohio State, Cincinnati, Xavier, and everyone was extremely impressed with his ability to handle the ball like a YoYo.  He was such a tremendous press-breaker.  When teams tried to press us, after 10 minutes the press would be over, he was the main reason."

Long time Sports Writer of the Oxford, Ohio, Journal News, Pete Conrad, followed Derrick's collegiate career at Miami of Ohio University and said that Cross was the best point guard in Miami History, in his hot corner story entitled "A Magical Era Comes To An End", referring to the Cross-Mahaffey era.  He describes Derrick as having a "knack for taking the game in the direction he wanted it to go, both on offense and defense; he said Cross was so quick and smart, kept everything in front of him and never lost his cool."